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Downloading Regs and Entry via ACU Website

All Falcon MCC Events are TSR22B (No Stop)




If you want to renew your ACU licence for 2022 online then please use the ACU website you can renew your licence without having to obtain a code from Howard Marsden


New Events for 2022

Huddersfield Falcon- Michael Rock Memorial Dead Easy Trials series

We are running a trials series of 4 trials to promote newcomers to the sport. Each trial will consist of 2 routes an easy route which will be the same severity as the easy route in club trials and a Dead Easy Route which is provided to help newcomers in to our sport.

Forthcoming Events 2022

Please note that all Huddersfield Falcon Trials are pre-enter via the ACU online entry system. You cannot turn up on the day expecting a ride. This will remain in force until the COVID-19 situation is resolved. Always read the regulations issued for each event.

3rd Round Summer Wine Evening Trial, Wednesday 10th August, 6.30pm at Horn Hill, New Mill, Holmfirth, HD9 7DH - DOWNLOAD REGS

A&A Westerby Yokshire Centre Trial, Sunday 28th August, 11.00am at Moorfield Farm, Cartworth Moor, Holmfirth HD9 2QS - DOWNLOAD REGS

Keep looking on website for Future Events in 2022

ACU Licenses

Please note - All riders must show there ACU Licenses at sign on in every trial. No License then no ride.

CLUB Vouchers

If any rider needs to use there club “Free entry or Subscription” vouchers then please contact Howard Marsden via his email. These can’t be used on the ACU online entry system so Howard will bring cash to pay the rider back.

Notice to Club Members

ACU Trials and Enduro Department would like to remind all riders that as indicated in the ACU National Sporting Code
Point 17 of Appendix D - Machines and Accessories:
When due to the nature of the competition, a machine is ridden on the Public Highway.
It is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that their machine is roadworthy and that they and their machine comply with all legal requirements.

This requirement is also stated in both the ACU Trials and Enduro Standing Regulations

Additionally it is also stated under the Entry Declaration on ACU Entry forms which all riders acknowledge and sign before competing in an event.

It is important that all riders comply with this ruling as to help with the safeguarding of Trials and Enduro events on the road in the future.

Number Boards

Can riders try to ensure that they have a plastic covered number board on there bike. When the weather conditions are wet without these boards it makes it very hard for the observer to see the riders number


Illegal Practicing

It has come to the clubs attention that a small group of irresponsible riders are returning to venues after the event and using the land without permission of the landowner. These riders are jeopardizing venues which the club have used for a long time and fought hard to continue to use in the future. Under no circumstances should any of the Huddersfield Falcon MCC event venues be used for practicing without the express permission of the landowner. Any rider found to be doing so may be excluded from any future competitions.

Lost & Found - Please check here if you left something at an event by mistake

Next Falcon MCC Club Meeting is Wednesday 7th September 2022- The Woodman Inn , Clayton West 8.00pm prompt.